New Sermonic Film: Letter to My Son

The genesis of this sermonic film from Rev. Moss comes from Letter to My Son, a short film of the same name written by Pastor Moss in 2017 and produced by the Trinity UCC Media Team under our new creative enterprise, Unashamed Media Group (UMG). The issues that inspired that “talk” to his son, Elijah, unfortunately have not gone away – some would say they have worsened.

The third sermonic film to come out of the prophetic imagination of Pastor Moss is a rich, powerful, and heartfelt testament to a father’s love and our community’s love for our children. A cast of over twenty actors brings the message to life like no sermon you have ever witnessed.

“The vision for the film is to be a learning tool to help families, teachers, and institutions discuss issues of race, responsibility, compassion and faithful living.” Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III

“I was reminded they are all our sons. Every one of them born Black with beauty within. Born Black by God’s sacred intention. Born powerful and filled with promise.” Rev. Traci Blackmon

“Extraordinary visual and verbal feast!! The juxtaposition of Gibran, Baldwin, and Isaiah, interlaced with melanin-rich representations immediately incited deep tears and spiritual surges.” Rev. Dr. Teresa L. Fry Brown

“The beauty is profound. Profound images to defeat the negative images of the culture. Profound words to heal the self-esteem. Profound positive emotions that offer hope for the abusive words of American culture. It is beauty added to a world with too much ugly.” Rev. Dr. Frank Thomas

“This was Prophetic Sankofa and Afrofuturism taking on demons like white supremacy and toxic masculinity through poetic lament, celebration, and longing.” Michael-Ray Mathews

“I’m sitting here weeping. Thank you for this gift to the world. One word kept ringing in my mind as I watched—OMG!” Lisa Sharon Harper

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