Service rooted in Black history and church at Butter art fair


There is a saying among church folk that without the test there is no testimony. Without tribulation — be it spiritual, mental or physical — there is no passage to the healing on the other side of the pain. 

A fine art fair, dubbed Butter, starts Thursday and testifies itself to the beauty and value of Black art. Interestingly, the event will end Sunday with a 2 p.m. testimony service  — a coming together in the tradition of the Black church (and even before) to speak out loud what has been going on in our souls.  The new art show from cultural development firm Ganggang will be held inside the Stutz Business Center. 

The service, to be led by Ebony Chappel and artist and business owner Sarah Hairston (aka Sarah J. in the City), offers a space for community members to share how 2020’s myriad challenges impacted their mental and spiritual health.

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